Adventist Hospital Facility

Social Service
A social worker can help patients with Medicare, Media-Cal, and other insurance and payment matters. This person may also be able to help with other kinds of financial assistance, such as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and disability benefits, as well as work-related issues, such as compassionate-care leave. The social worker is often the first person to turn to when the patient or family has questions or concerns about hospital care or services after the patient leaves the hospital.

Ambulance Service

Millions of emergencies end in a loss of life because the needy cannot avail ambulance services on time. We have round the clock ambulance service which anyone can avail by dialing the numbers 020- 41077141, 020-41077131 on their phone during the case of any emergency.

Location & Parking

Consider whether the hospital's location is safe and convenient for you, your family, friends, and advocate. Is the hospital accessible by public transportation? Does the hospital have convenient and inexpensive parking

Patient Record Maintenance

The system maintains a detail record of each patient who will be admitted to the hospital. The patient case papers will be generated automatically and will be maintained in proper format. 



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Dentistry is widely considered important for overall health. The dentist's providing health services.


A physician or medical is a professional who practices medicine, which is concerned with promoting.


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When your doctor gives you a physical exam, you can call it a checkup. During a checkup blood pressure taken.